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I’ll tell you why “I Don’t Like Mondays”!

This was not your typical Monday.  In fact, by 11:45AM I was really starting to get a major “Case of the Mondays”

I had done my part:  Arrived by 9:30 AM at 300 E 66th Street, filled out the usual mound of paperwork that could easily have been done with one check mark in a box marked “Has anything changed since your last visit?” __ NO.  So I sit patiently fully expecting them to do their part and get me my MRI AT 10AM!!  10:30 comes and goes.  11AM comes and goes so I check in at the desk to make sure I havent fallen through the cracks. You’re next she tells me.  11:30 passes by and I begin to wonder if she meant I was next to get really pissed off and start yelling at them. Finally, around 11:50 they get me in and strap me into the machine which today is in a room that must double as a meat locker on weekends and it hasnt had a chance to fully thaw out yet.  The whining and screeching of the MRI machine put me into a transe and I somehow  managed to drift off for almost the entire 50 minutes of the scan this time, which was nice.  When it was finally over at 1:10 I headed over to the main campus at 67 & 1st ave.  My appointment with Dr Healey, aka Dr Doom, was 12:00..for the follow up and results of the scan.  I was not worried in the least about being late for a Dr Healey appointment.  I always joked with the nurses there about the “appointment” and ask them why they even bother giving me a time to show up.  They should just tell me to show up on Monday and we’ll get to you when they can.  That is how it works for the most part.  Just like Sienfeld and the car reservation.  I dont think they understand the idea of an “appointment”.

So I check in at 1 and she tells me it will be at least an hour.  I take that to mean I have 2 hours to kill at the very minimum.  Since I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since the night before I head to the cafeteria on the main floor.  Surprisingly, the food is halfway decent.  I had the sesame chicken with white rice and perfectly done and glazed sliced carrots, in case you were wondering.

After lunch I headed to the main lobby of Sloan to sit in a comfortable chair and plug my phone in to charge. Just as I get comfortable with my headphones on I glance over to my left and see this guy that looks very familiar. He sat down 2 chairs next to me when I realized who it was. “You’re John Stossel?” I asked inquisitively. “Yes, I am” he replies. After some chit chat another guy came over and shook his hand and rudely interrupted me. Then he got a phone call which lasted 15 minutes.  Just as my phone rang from Dr Healey’s office calling to tell me they were ready for me he got up to leave also. He was going to be very polite and exchange departure greetings with me as he left so I managed to ask him if he minded a picture. He was nice enough to stop for a quick shot. After which I wished him luck with the friend he was visiting. John Stossel at Sloan

So although I had what I have come to expect as a typical wait for all the appointments for the day,  I did have a little bit of excitement for the day.  What started out as a miserable Monday was starting to look up.  Boy do I remember it like yesterday the somber looks Dr Healey had on his face as he entered the room.  I can tell right away this time the results of the MRI are going to be good.  He almost has a smile!  If you have never met him he can only be described as LOW key..Mellow is his middle name I believe.  I think he might work part time as a librarian to let off steam in his spare time.  But, when its all good news you can actually see him perk up and crack a smile.  The results are good he tells me.  No signs of any problems from the MRI.  Both his intern and he are still surprised by the range of motion I have considering all the radiation and chemo I had.  In fact, everything is going so well he says I only have to visit him in 6 months BUT, I wont need another MRI for a whole year!  Whoa!!  Wait a minute…as much as I am excited not to have to do this for another year I am also concerned about waiting that long.  I suppose a year will pass before I know it so it wont be that bad.  I’ll have to come up with another word besides “Scanxiety” because there will be a whole new form of it between scans wondering if anything is going on inside that ugly scar.  For now I will just bask in the glory of good news from Dr Doom himself and thank my lucky stars things are going the way they are.  Lets keep the ship on course!  Now all I can do is wait til next month and hope the CT Scan of the upper body is just as good!