Thank You! Please Help Again…

First of all I have to say thank you to everyone that donated to Relay For Life.  You guys were amazingly generous!  I was hoping my last minute effort, a few days before the deadline, would raise a couple of dollars so I didn’t feel guilty writing a check and telling Julia a couple of people sent a few dollars.  Instead everyone stepped up to the plate and made Julia number 1 in money raised!  Here is the picture when she got the trophy:


She got a trophy and recognition at the school board meeting this week.  Yes, there is an auditorium full of people behind me and the lady taking the picture.  So, Thank You again!

In other news I have decided to raise money for another cause….have you seen the utter destruction being done to cakes?  That second cake, I think it may be a Red Velvet is just a tragedy!

For some reason this is one of those really stupid commercials that cracks me up.  Cake is by far the most under rated desert so I thought I should bring some attention to it.  Ice Cream gets all the spotlight, especially in the coming hot summer days so please remember to help support your local cakes, in particularly, the chocolate cake with a heavy layer of white frosting!

I haven’t updated my status lately.  As Gary Gnu used to say, “No Gnews is good Gnews”  It seems as though I havent been motivated to update the site in the recent months as there hasn’t been anything major to update on.  My last scan was good.  I have another one coming up in June that I hope will be good so there isn’t much more to post about.  The transition from being closely monitored, wondering if I will make it to next month to going for scans every 6 months and feeling like everything will be ok has been surprisingly “odd”….that’s the only way to describe it.  Just like everything throughout this whole process, it take a whole lot of getting used to this “New Normal”…  It sure beats the alternative…..I’m Happy Now…


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