Monthly Archives: November 2012

Sorry it took so long to update the site after such a big build up to the MRI coming up on October 23rd.  It was a crazy week.  I didn’t feel well the whole week and just wanted to sleep the whole time.  Then when it was all over with I didn’t feel like doing a darn thing!  However, after all that I am happy to let you all know the MRI went well and all is clear after this MRI!  What a relief!  I am thrilled that nothing is showing in the MRI yet still quite frustrated with how I actually feel..I know, it will take a while…I just went through months of hell and torture  and it doesn’t just stop when it all ends.  Right now I am dealing with swelling in my ankles and legs which makes standing and walking quite difficult.  From what I understand it is common and takes a little while to go away.  I am waiting for a follow up appointment with the oncologist just to make sure everything is ok.  Otherwise, I am trying to be patient with the recovery and get back to feeling as normal as possible.  Thanks to everyone for writing and keeping me sane throughout the last few months…its been a rough time and I really appreciate all your thoughts and emails…which reminds me, right after the last post went out my main computer died and I lost a bunch of your emails so if I didn’t reply its because the hard drive croaked.  Sorry about that….I did get them and read them.

So where does this leave things?  That’s the $64,000 question…My crystal ball is in the shop so I really can’t say right now.  For the short term in means I am ok.  Beyond that only time will tell.  We can only hope nothing comes back or spreads anywhere else..CT scans and MRIs every few months will be the norm for a few years.  I’ll take that as a trade off….although you have no idea how much I have come to despise hospitals and doctor visits..if I never saw another one it would be too soon!  For now we’ll leave it at this:

Also, if anyone was wondering, we were one of the lucky few that didn’t lose power or have any damage from Sandy…dodged a bullet there!  Of course, now there is another storm coming tomorrow!  We’ll see how that goes.  Its still hard to get gas around here.  Long lines if you can find any.  That too will pass..people are crazy…