Monthly Archives: May 2012

One back?

So, today, as I write this it’s been 2 weeks since the operation. I can’t say it’s gone by quickly but it doesn’t feel like it has taken a long time either. I am doing a little bit more each day. I remember the first time I sat all the way up in the hospital bed, the Monday after, and feeling light headed just from that. The day after that I went from the bed to the wheelchair, leg never touching the floor, and felt like I might pass out. Now I can get from the bed to the wheelchair with no problems on my own and I feel fine. Just before I started writing this I stood up for the first time in 2 weeks! It was only for about 5 minutes on crutches without putting weight on the leg but boy did it feel good to go tone bathroom in a toilet! It’s the little things I miss 🙂
Yesterday was the trip back to see the surgeon and plastic surgeon. Both of them were very happy with the way it is healing. To me, it still looks like another head growing out the side of my knee but all the doctors and nurses say it looks fabulous, just the way it should. It could take 6 months to 2 years for it to look “normal”, whatever that will be for me. They keep saying it will get down to looking pretty normal. The jury is still out on that part. I can’t bend my leg more than a few degrees. The doctors are now saying I can start working on flexing it a little bit at a time. It’s far from ready to start bending and putting weight on it so no rush there. A little at a time.
One step back. After all the good news we got some unexpected news. Dr. Healy, the surgeon, explained that after he removed all of the tumor and 2 centimeters PAST the “clean” area around it, they send it out to pathology to be looked at. Apparently, this 2 centimeter section still contained some sort of cancer cells. It’s still unclear exactly what is meant by this but it’s enough to say I’m not out of the woods just yet. Right now, regardless of what may or may not still be in there, the focus is on getting better from this surgery. Nothing can be done until this pat is healed. Dr. Healy was talking about possibly getting more radiation, another surgery needed, or even chemotherapy. I need to meet with the general oncologist to discuss the case further and figure out what can be done or if anything even needs to be done. That’s happening next Thursday. Talk about frustration! It’s frustrating feeling like it made sense as he was telling us about it then getting home and being unsure of what they just told us. All I know is I didn’t get the all clear I was expecting. Everything about this has been contradictory and has many different characteristics of all different types of tumors. In a way I feel like I am back to square one and starting over. The focus is on healing from this surgery. I guess this damn thing isn’t ready to give up that easily. There will be more to deal with unfortunately. Let’s just hope it gets figured out quickly!