Always look

Always look on the bright side of life.

I went to the “simulation” on Tuesday. That is the first step towards radiation treatment. First I had to get the mold of my leg set up. The mold was nothing more than a plastic bag filled with “spray foam” as the technician called it. I put my lower leg in it and let the foam harden around it. While that was setting they lined up the area to be treated with lasers and marked my legs with “tattoos” which are just 5 black dots on my leg that look like freckles. Afterwards I got the CT scan of my knee. All that took about an hour. I then had about 90 minutes to kill before returning to have an MRI done of the knee. That took over an hour! I bet you never realized how long an hour is until someone tells you “don’t move” and all you can do is stare at the ceiling til its over.

After all that I am back to the waiting game. It takes a few days for them to work their magic lining everything up to determine exactly where to administer the radiation. Somehow they overlay the MRI onto the CAT Scan in order to figure out where and how they plan to zap me. Within a week is all they tell me as far as how long until I go back. The next step is the “dry run” where they’ll test all the setup they just did. I’ll go through everything like a dress rehearsal where they’ll do everything but the actual radiation. THEN it will be the daily journey to Commack for the next 5 weeks. I wish there was more to tell everyone but there’s nothing more happening for the next few days. ‘Til then, Always look on the bright side……


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